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We want your website to represent you and your business the way you want it represented!  We will listen to your desires and goals, and provide a solution that will meet both your marketing needs AND your budget.

eKamria was founded in 2011.  Since our founding, we've become known for our problem-solving abilities, consistency and commitment to quality. Our clients include small and mid-size businesses, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs.

We are based in Syracuse, New York, and are prepared to work with customers located anywhere.  (See our map of client locations.)

It sounded easy!

We have come across a number of small businesses that have purchased a license for an on-line "do-it-yourself" website design product. Some people find they don't have the necessary skills to figure these out or to make the website represent their business appropriately.  

We have seen some products that are very easy to use, but are limited in what they let you accomplish. Other products are very extensive, allowing you to do a lot, but you have to know a lot to use them!

If you have started down this path and need help, you can call on us!

We can design a website for you that will be easy for you to maintain and provides all the present requirements of a good Internet marketing presence.

Anne Notarthomas, eKamria Owner


Anne Notarthomas, Owner

Anne has a unique background in both information technology and fundraising development from her 29 years at the Rescue Mission in Syracuse, NY. Anne was a key contributor in both arenas as the organization grew. Experience includes: Information Technology Director at the Rescue Mission from the department’s inception in 1983 thru 2006; part of the Rescue Mission’s web development team for 10 years thru 2011; significant roles in fundraising, database management, email communications, direct mail marketing and donor research and analysis.

She has a Bachelor of Music in Music Education degree from SUNY Fredonia.  Along with her full-time position, she taught piano for 10 years, and also spent several years programming for a for-profit consulting firm.

Anne founded eKamria in 2011 to provide web development and content development services to businesses and non-profit organizations. eKamria currently has clients in five states, Jamaica and the UK.

Anne has always had the opinion that technology's purpose is to provide value, whether to cut costs, make something possible or open up new opportunities.  Her goal is to find this value for the clients eKamria serves.

eKamria has subcontracting relationships with other professionals with extensive expertise in the following areas:

  • Social media
  • Graphic design
  • Media relations
  • Research and copy-writing for websites, newsletters, fundraising materials, grants and press releases
  • Direct mail marketing (package and content creation, strategy and analysis)
  • Database management and analysis

Where did that name come from? What does it mean?

We are often asked about the origin of the eKamria name. After considering about 160 name suggestions and brainstorming the logo with a close group of advisors, eKamria was born!

The origin of the name eKamria

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