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If you are lucky enough to have any gold, I'll bet you take pretty good care of it. If it's valuable enough, you may even keep it locked away for safekeeping, only bringing it out on special occasions. If you don't have any gold, you probably have some valuable possession that you take extra special care of.

Did you know that you have something just as valuable in your online world?

ScamEmailMessageSample Scam Email from China

We recently received this email from China.  As with all good scams, at first it looked legitimate.  It didn't contain any of the "telltale" signs of a scam: poor punctuation, misspellings, a legitimate looking logo or link that when you hover over it, displays a totally different url.

Hmmm.  Is this legit?

Well, it still seemed a little research was in order.  After all, why is a business in China landing on the same made-up name as our business?

Cartoon picture of online reviewsReviews and testimonials are everywhere! Because they work!!

They are especially prevalent online. Do you ever see a product on Amazon that doesn't include reviews? Have you relied on reviews when choosing a hotel? A restaurant? A home repair person?

Soon after you make a purchase or use a service, do you start getting emails asking you to provide a review or give feedback?

Click to view 2016 November Women TIES Event Flyer

On Tuesday, November 1, I am happy to be speaking at the Women TIES Mohawk Valley luncheon on the topic of storytelling in your business.

I will be discussing why storytelling is important for your business or organization. We will explore some of the science behind how our brains process stories, which ingredients are important for an effective story, and provide some examples that will bring the concepts to life.

Once your stories are ready, learn how to effectively share them.

Special thanks to the sponsors, Deb Coman and the New York Women's Business Center.

The luncheon is taking place at the Time for me Day Spa on Route 5 in Clinton, NY

Click the image to open the event flyer to learn more about the program and sponsors.

Register by October 31

Hope to see you there!

Tri-Delta Resources website

eKamria is happy to be working with Tri-Delta Resources, a technology company based in Canandaguia, New York. Tri-Delta approached us originally about providing maintenance for their website. However, as we explored further, it was determined that a new website, using the Joomla! Content Management System, would serve them well.

As part of the process, a refreshed, more modern and brighter logo was designed for them. This new look was integrated with their existing and newly setup social media sites.

Their new website was launched in May.

Get Off the Hampster Wheel With Your ContentDo you ever feel like you are a hamster running as fast as you can, but just going in circles?

You are constantly reading about how you need to write content, how you need to post regularly on the various social media platforms, how many times A DAY you need to post on each, how many emails to send a week— oh my! I'm tired just writing that! THAT sounds like a full-time job already!

But your business, whether it's growing or established requires most of your attention. And besides that, you just don't have time or like that "writing stuff."

Overcoming the Challenges of Writing a Blog (and why you need to do it)

I've talked before about the benefits of writing a blog.

And, today, I am taking steps to listen to myself!

Yes, I know all the reasons to write regular blog posts -- and I do believe in them.  Actually, when I was doing a good job of publishing monthly and pushing the content out through email and social media, I saw increases in my website traffic -- and more importantly -- increases in my business.

So why did I stop?  Sounds like a no-brainer, right?

Changes are coming to Joomla! and WordPressI've been working with technology for a long time. The one thing that you can always count on is change—it's inevitable. Usually, the changes are good, sometimes they aren't, but you just have to keep moving with them anyway.

Many years ago, you never wanted to be the first to implement a new change or update. You could count on a lot of bugs and problems. It was much better to let others work through those and apply the update once issues were ironed out. It was even advisable not to upgrade until the NEXT latest and greatest was ready to be released. That was before all our systems were connected to the Internet and introduced security concerns.

Consistency in content marketing is important


  1. steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc.
  2. agreement, harmony, or compatibility, especially correspondence or uniformity among the parts of a complex thing.

This definition, from Dictionary.com, speaks to the process and power of applying consistency to your content marketing strategy as well as other processes in your organization.

When talking with small and mid-sized business owners and organization leaders, I frequently see one of two significant problems:

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