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What is responsive website design?

Responsive website design is a newer technique developed to provide a way to display websites on any size device--laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet--without the need to create a separate mobile site. Learn more about responsive design.

Isn't email dead?

Nope! But, there is no question that email is evolving! Just google "Is email dead" and you will have hours of reading!

It is true that many people are moving to texting and social media to communicate with friends and family. On the other hand, commercial and business email continues to thrive. (As a matter of fact, direct "snail mail" isn't dead either.) Do a little research and you will find plenty of evidence that email and email marketing is thriving -- and a tool you should employ in your business.

Why does my business need a website if I have a Facebook page?

Many people think that a Facebook page is sufficient.  However, there are a number of reasons why Facebook shouldn't act as a replacement for your own website:

    • A person has to be a Facebook member to see your page.  While many people have a Facebook membership, many aren't active users or even comfortable using it.  Others don't have a memberhip at all. You don't want Facebook to be a barrier between you and a potential customer. 


    • There are limitations to what you can do with Facebook.  Ultimately, you are locked into the design options Facebook provides for you.  And, to customize further, you may need to hire someone who knows the ins and outs of Facebook -- and there will still be limitations.


    • You don't own your Facebook page.  This is a page you are "renting" from Facebook!  When Facebook decides to change something, you have to go with it.  If you break one of their policies, you risk losing your page and all the contacts you've made.


  • Your own website gives you complete control over branding, marketing and content -- including content priority.  You surely have noticed that everything on Facebook looks very similar.  So how do you differentiate your business from all the rest?  The best way is to direct people to your own website. There, you can make sure the most important content stands out and can easily be found.

Why should my business use Facebook and Twitter if it has a website?

Facebook and Twitter are currently the most popular social media platforms and can be incredibly powerful tools for broadening your audience. Using them will allow you to quickly and easily communicate with the people who have "liked" you on Facebook and are "following" you on Twitter. Your messages will have the potential to reach a completely different group than those who may already frequent your website and receive your email newsletters and promotions! If you have a sale, a new promotion, or you've had a great news article written about your business, you can get the word out to these people in an instant.

Another great aspect of social media is it's ability to foster new growth.  People who actively participate will share your communications with those following them when they like what they see.  With very little effort on your part, your messages can be seen far and wide!

Can't I use one of those "do it yourself" website builders?

You certainly can!  These are best for people who have a technical inclination and want to spend time learning the tools.  For some of these products, you need to know something about web development, HTML, CSS and javascript.  In some cases, it is difficult to create a website at all without this knowledge.

Another limitation can be that you have difficulty making these websites look like YOU.  One reason to have your own website is to present who YOU are -- how is your business different from the others, and why should customers use YOU.  Most website builder tools work with templates that, even after they are customized, look pretty much the same.  You may not be able to get the "look and feel" you want -- or add the features you want and need.

Probably the biggest reason against starting with one of these tools (unless it's free), is that you will need to spend your money again when you need to move to a new site.  Starting with a scalable tool would be money better spent.  And don't forget -- your time is money, too!  Any time spent learning and designing your website using these tools is time you aren't spending on the money-making aspects of your business.

Can I use eKamria's services if I'm not located nearby?

Absolutely!  Technology today makes working long-distance very easy.  Whether we're 3 miles or 3000 miles apart, it will be our pleasure to work with you!

What is required of me?

Well, we can't do it without you!  We will start by providing you with a document to gather information for us, things like:

  • what do you want to accomplish with your website
  • what ideas do you already have for your website
  • features you would like to see on your website
  • color, font and style preferences, if you have any

This document will help you start thinking in more detail about your goals, and will help us start planning and making recommendations.

We will need you to provide the content, or be available to us to develop the content for you.  We will look to you to provide the photos you desire for the website (unless stock photos will suffice, which we will provide for an additional fee).  

This will be a joint project. The more quickly you can answer questions and provide content, the more quickly we will be able to deliver a successful project to you!

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