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There is an art to story-telling.  And, it changes depending on the the vehicle being used.  Writing for your website requires one approach; writing for social media needs another approach; fund raising appeals and newsletters or business brochures -- even another approach.  Yes, there are similarities, but the differences are critical to delivering your message effectively.

How can they all be so different?

Here are a few things to consider:

Website content not only has to grab the attention of your audience, it has to be written using the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices.

Social media has all kinds of approaches: length of the post; hash tags; tags.  And, then you switch the medium and everything is different (well, sort of).

Writing to raise funds for an organization is an art in itself.  

Did you know there is a standard format for press releases that will help give you more credibility?

Content for brochures and other printed material doesn't need to be concerned with SEO, but space is the issue.  And, who has time to read dense copy -- you need to tell your story with words and pictures using a neat, clean layout.

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