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Social Media Reviews

You know reviews are important. They build trust and credibility for you and your business, and help prospective customers with their buying decisions.

You've done a good job of asking customers to give you a review on Google, Facebook, Yelp.

But people who come to your website aren't necessarily aware of those reviews. (If you aren't already convinced of the value of reviews, check out this post.)

We Can Help Get Your Social Media Reviews on Your Website...

And keep them updated automatically!

Our Social Media Review Service will provide you a tool that will pull reviews from your various social media sites and display them on your website. It will pole the social media sites and update your website with new reviews every 36 hours.

The Social Media sites currently included are:

  • Airbnb
  • AllExpress
  • Amazon
  • Apple App Store
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Booking
  • Captera
  • DealerRater
  • ebay
  • EdMunds
  • Etsy
  • Facebook
  • G2
  • Google
  • Hotels
  • Houzz
  • OpenTable
  • TripAdvisor

Easy "Write A Review" Button Right on Your Website

One of the very nice features of this new offering is the option to include a Write a Review button that links to your review sites. You can send satisfied customers to your website to easily write a review for any of the social media sites you use.

There are many layouts and filtering options available, as well as the ability to adjust the fonts and colors to match your website.

Some Live Examples of Social Media Review Customization

We are providing three live examples to demonstrate to you just some of the capabilities.

Example 1 - Carousel displaying all reviews

This first example is the display we are using on our home page.

Our Social Media Reviews


Choices we made for Example 1:

  • Display all reviews from both Google and Facebook
  • Display both those with comments and those with only a star rating - and include the number of reviews
  • Carousel with only 3 reviews at a time, automatically loop, and include navigation arrows
  • Write a Review button color changed to match website
  •  Show image of reviewer, star rating, date of review and partial review with read more button

This is just a small sampling of the customization available.

 Example 2 - One review

This example could be used for a sidebar or a specific page on your website.

Choices we made for this example:

  • Randomly display one review at a time, change review with each new visit to the page
  • Display the whole review
  • Removed the date of the review and the reviewer's image
  • Changed the background, font, title and star color
  • Don't display reviews without comments

This would be a great option to display one specific review on relevant pages of your website, such as a service or product page,


Example 3 - Embedded Badge

This example will place a floating badge on the lower right or left of your page or your whole website, depending on where it is installed. You should see it at the bottom left of this page. As with the other examples, there are many configuration options to select from to meet your specific needs.


How to Get Started Displaying Social Media Reviews on Your Website

You can take advantage of this powerful display service for your website for a small annual investment plus a design and installation fee.

Contact us today to discuss the possibilities!

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