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Your website should be the center of your Internet universe.  It is the one place online that you have total control.  That is not to say that you shouldn't use other Internet marketing tools -- they are important parts of a solid marketing plan.  But, to get a little bit into the horror stories -- did you hear the one about the small business that was making all their income from their Facebook presence -- and then Facebook shut them down!  Just like that!

Your website has to tell your story. It can't be just a bunch of cool web technology and attractive pictures. It needs to incorporate the right approach to communicate your unique value to your prospects. You want to show them who you and your business are, demonstrate that you can provide the service or product they need and that you are the type of business or organization they can trust. It's tough to do that with just facts and figures. You need to provide a well-crafted story.

The site has to be easy to use.  Your prospects are ready to jump to a "less challenging" site immediately (you've done that, right?). Navigation has to be simple and intuitive. Page layout needs to be easy to skim and read. Images need to support the content.

That's what prospects need to see when they arrive. But how do they find your website in the first place?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has to be a part of your website development. SEO is a whole discipline in itself, but there are fundamental building blocks that should be incorporated in any website. Google, the primary search provider, is constantly changing its requirements.

In the last couple years, mobile-ready websites became a focus, thanks to Google. To eliminate the need for two sites, responsive website design became popular. (All eKamria provided websites use responsive design.)  Recently, Google indicated that AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) will be important for mobile which gives users blazing fast response when opening a website on their device.  

Having fresh content on your website let's Google know that your website is not stale.  Having your blog integrated into the site, adding new product descriptions, testimonials and events are just some of the ways you can easily refresh your website.  

Social media, email marketing and directories are all ways to push people to your website.  But, you need good content to make that work.

Features of eKamria Websites  

Responsive Website Design

All websites provided by eKamria are responsive, meaning that they adjust to display well no matter which device is used to view them.  There is no need to maintain two websites (one for desktops and one for mobile).  And, Google gives websites that are responsive a "boost" in ranking when searched for using mobile devices.

Built with Joomla! Content Management System

The Joomla! Content Management System is a powerful tool for building modern and robust websites.  Websites of all sizes are good candidates for Joomla! -- from small and medium size business and nonprofit websites to very large corporate sites.  

Instruction Manual

For our clients who wish to maintain the content on their website, we provide our care and feeding of your new website manual, customized to each website.  The manual helps gives you an overview of using the Joomla! Content Management System, helps you find the content you wish to update and provides step-by-step instructions for updates or additions. 

Search Engine Optimization

Your business or organization needs to be found online.  Search engine optimization is considered for your website right from the start.  We keep up on the ever-changing requirements from Google, and incorporate those into the websites we development.  We coach our clients regarding the "off-site" activities that will help their website SEO.


Let us take care of your hosting, and we will even keep track of your domain(s) if you prefer.  It's one less thing you need to worry about for your business.

Branded Email

Help build credibility for your business and show professionalism by using branded email.  (If you don't know what that is, an example is Jill@herbusiness.com.) It's easy to do, and shows your customers and prospects that you are serious about your business.  We will set it up for you and assist you in the transition.

Regular Maintenance

All websites built with content management systems like Joomla! and WordPress require regular technical maintenance to keep the site safe and operating efficiently. eKamria provides our customers a suite of services including: Weekly offsite backups; Monthly software updates to add the newest features and patch newly discovered security issues; Uptime monitoring every five minutes; Regular security scans;  Monthly courtesy notifications of the activity.

Content Updates

For clients who don't have the time or interest to update the content of their website themselves, we are happy to provide that service.  There are benefits to this approach.  It can save you time and aggravation of learning the system and we can apply techniques that you probably aren't aware of. 

Google Analytics

All our websites have Google Analytics installed to monitor traffic and types of activity on the site.  Know where your traffic is coming from, understand how social media is driving traffic to your site, see which pages of your site are most visited, and so much more.

Sitemap and Search Engine Submission

Each website includes a sitemap that is submitted to the major search engines to help them crawl your website.


Let's have a conversation to see how we can help you.  Complete our contact form or call (315) 278-3728.

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