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Maintenance is important too keep your website in tip-top shape. Much like your car that depends on oil changes, tire rotation, air, washes, waxes and more to keep running and looking presentable, your website has maintenance needs, too, many in the form of software updates.

Unlike your car maintenance, these updates help keep the bad guys out (close newly discovered security issues), adjust for changes in Internet technologies -- and sometimes even add new features! (Wouldn't it be nice if THAT happened with cars!)

Watch this short video to see what is included in eKamria's website maintenance package for Joomla and WordPress:


  • What's Included
  • Weekly Backup
  • Offsite Storage on Amazon S3
  • Monthly updates of Joomla or WordPress Core and plugin software
  • Verify compatibility of updates*
  • Regular security and breach monitoring*
  • Security updates as needed*
  • Uptime monitoring very 5 minutes
  • Periodic Performance Monitoring
  • Licensed security and functionality software (valued up to $636 annually)

*Inspite of our best efforts, we can't guarentee your site will not be breached, but similar to locking the doors and windows of your home, and not leaving your keys under the front mat, these steps will help diminish the likelihood of your site being compromised.

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