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Bill Francis, Owner of Francis Audio-Visual,  approached us in 2022 to build a new website for his business. He had a WordPress website in the past, and his most recent one was built with Versoly.

After much discussion, Bill agreed to have the site developed in Joomla. It was not a platform he was aware of, so that caused some hesitancy.

Francis Audio-Visual offers a wide range of services in the Central New York region. Bill's desire was to have detailed information about all his services, to help customers understand what's available, what kind of equipment/packages he can provide, and to answer many common questions. That way, the first discussions can be more productive, and move faster to solving the customer's need or problem.

Services we provide:

Prior issues you ask? Yes, bad experience with last web producer. We won’t name names because he was and is a great guy. And he’s very good at his craft. In fact too techy. What was lacking was good communication skills.

Failure to return phone calls, texts and emails multiple times was a dealbreaker. In fact, unless you have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on a website, not many people want to talk to you I found.

Anne on the other hand was the total opposite. I wanted more than just a digital brochure which almost everyone seems to have these days. I wanted well thought out pages and I am very hands-on. Anne answered all my questions, and we discussed any issues and always went with the solutions that had the most merit. Great communicator.

Another hesitation I had was, regarding the website platform, I have always been pro Word Press. Anne is not, she works primarily in Joomla. In the end largely because she does communicate so well, I was convinced it doesn’t matter what the platform because I won’t need to personally make changes. Anne is right there for that. Again, good communicator!

Other than that, all I can say is, great job. Anne works for a fair price, is not only creative and at the same time technical but also a good business person, which is what you get from someone who has lots of experience….. and patience!

Bill Francis
Francis Audio-Visual
East Syracuse, New York


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