Anne Notarthomas Appeared As Syracuse Woman Magazine WBOC Leading Woman

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A big thank you to Syracuse Woman Magazine for including me and eKamria in their WBOC Leading Woman article in the August 2017 issue.  I appreciate the exposure it has given me, and I also appreciate the look it gave me into the jobs other women in our community perform.SyracuseWomanMagazine Banner smOnline version

It was quite an experience!

First, I watched magazine editor, Lorna Oppedisano, pull together the pieces to get the ball rolling, knowing that this is just one small article of about fifteen that are included in the magazine every month. Just the thought of that gives me a headache!

Soon, it was time to meet with the writer, Kathryn Walsh. It always amazes me how writers can take so much jumbled information and turn it into a well-crafted story. As I was telling her where the name eKamria came from, I watched Kathyrn start doodling on her notepad.  Little did I know she was creatively crafting her opening paragraph right there in front of me!Syracuse Woman Magazine WBOC Leading Woman Profile August 2017 thumbPDF version

Next, I was contacted by Alice G. Patterson, owner of Alice G. Patterson Photography. Her work is amazing and I was looking forward to watching her perform her magic (even though I didn't relish being the subject of it)! And, of course, she did not disappoint. After being posed (snap, snap) and adjusted (snap, snap, snap) -- and reposed (snap,snap, snap) -- and convinced that unusual positions would produce good results, Alice produced some of the best pictures I've seen of me!  

Thank you, Lorna, for the invitation to be part of the magazine, and for the opportunity to see all of three of you execute your crafts so well! I appreciate the opportunity!  I also encourage any women in the community to seriously consider joining WBOC (Women Business Opportunities Connections).  I've met many women who have become mentors, customers, and friends!

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