Joomla! Security Release 3.4.5

Security Release 3.4.5

Late last week, the Joomla! CMS leadership announced that there was a security release being published on October 22 at 10:00 am (ET) to address a critical security vulnerability.   We were advised to plan to apply this update immediately.  Release 3.4.5 came out today as planned.

eKamria updated all websites before 11:30 am and notified all customers about the update.

 In our four years using Joomla!, this is the first time we experienced this type of urgency and preplanning.  We received notification from Joomla! as well as from companies specializing in Joomla! security and Joomla! training.  Here is a link to the pre-release notice and the Joomla! CMS Security Release 3.4.5 notice.

This was a high priority fix.  Once the release was out, those who wish to exploit the vulnerability also know about it.  We appreciate all the work that the Joomla! volunteers did in getting this release out in a timely manner and for getting the word out so we could prepare.  We have only been impressed with the Joomla! community over these years, and this is a good example why!

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